Friday, August 13, 2004

A happy second.

A happy second... anniversary that is. Two years ago today we woke up and sat in bed looking a the calm turqoise bay. We laughed... were we really going through with this? Were we crazy? Your response... "yeah well, what the hell". You've never been too dramatic.

We ate breakfast, sharing scraps of banana bread with the finches. We went on a long walk, and saw two burros on the way to the beach. The Jenny was pregnant. We went snorkeling and were attacked by monstrous angel fish who were intent on eating my swimsuit.

We spent all morning on the beach. Time seemed so slow. We napped on the white sand and I drew pictures on your back with my hand. It was after noon. It was time to go back. We showered, and I couldn't get the sand out of my hair. You tried to help me button the giant row of tiny buttons on my dress, and we had to solicit help from the owner of the inn. She drove us back to the same beach for pictures. I was shaking. Everyone who was snorkeling around us swam up to watch. The officiant started the ceremony with a catholic benediction. I stopped her and she started over. We're not catholic. You were hot in your tuxedo, but your tan feet looked so cute in the sand. I kept forgetting to breathe.

I am ashamed. I don't remember our vows. I don't remember what words I said that made me your wife. But I remember crying because I was so happy. I remember the joy in my heart when I promised to be yours forever. I still feel that and more today. I know you probably won't read this... but I want you to know... you're still the most amazing man I ever met.

This morning when we woke up you asked me if I would marry you. Yes. I would do it all over again. You have brought me such happiness.


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