Monday, August 16, 2004

Hurricane Charley

The death toll has risen now to 17, and many people still aren't accounted for. I hope this situation, while horrendous, provides people with an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate what's truly important in their lives (and to also review their insurance policies). It's sad that often it takes a tragedy like this to make us evaluate our lives, but nonetheless, I hope that people do take a moment out.

There are a lot of things that irritate me, a lot of things that I don't think are fair or that make me upset. But these things are miniscule compared to the grief and tragedy that goes on around me every day.

So, yes. I am upset that I am apparently incapable of becoming pregnant. Yes, my family irritates me sometimes, it makes me mad that the cat just destroyed our brand new ottoman. Yes, I am irritated that I couldn't find any stockings without runners this morning and that I spilled coffee all over my car. I'm irritated that we can't afford a down payment on a house yet. I'm upset that my house is such a disaster right now. But you know what... I am eternally grateful that I have at least one more day to spend with my husband and my cats. I'm thankful for the sunshine this morning, and for having a roof over my head, and for the food in my tummy. I'm thankful for a job, and I feel incredibly humbled for bitching and moaning about the paltry inconveniences in my life.

I hope that everyone can donate time, money, clothing, or just prayers and positive thoughts to those who now find themselves without a home, or without a loved one. And I hope that you take the time today to tell someone you love them. You never know if this may be your last chance to do so.


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