Monday, August 30, 2004

Oh - and get out and Vote in the Primary!

If you have a primary election out there in blogville, U.S.A. where you live tomorrow -

Do yourself a favor and get out and vote. I don't really care who you vote for (o.k. that's not exactly true) but I believe that we each have a voice. Differing voices, differing issues, differing allegiances. Granted, some of these voices are silenced from time to time. But damn it - get out there and make yourself heard.

We have rights, but when we let them atrophy they are of no use to us. They are forgotten with disuse.

Vote for your convictions, even if they are opposite of mine. Vote for your hopes, your dreams, your conscience. But don't agonize over how you don't approve of something that is going on in the government if you aren't even making the effort to cast a ballot.

I remember the first time I voted.... I was so excited. It was an "adult" activity that unfortunately like many "adult" activities embarked on in that tender age in my life resulted in a bad decision, but I learned to like it - to know what I expected (and deserved) out of the relationship.


At 4:04 AM, Blogger Kath said...

Where I live (Australia) its compulsory to vote once enrolled. You cannot un-enroll. If you dont vote, you can get fined or jailed. 95% of Australians >18yo vote, even prisoners. I think this is a far better system and the results is a much better representation of what Australians want. We also dont have that state weighting thing where basically 1-2 states determine who is in government. If it was like that, whoever NSW/Victoria wanted would win hands down.


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