Monday, September 27, 2004


Well, I'm thankful to say that we're safe. We managed to make it through Jeanne rather unscathed, and only lost electricity briefly. Our windows are boarded up, so our house is pitch black, but it's sort of comforting to be in my artificially created "cave". Since we've been through so many hurricanes this year, I'm not sure that I'm taking them down. Maybe I'll be like the idiot around the corner who leaves their christmas lights up all year. The sight of icicle lights in Florida is ridiculous in and of itself, and that's when it's cold outside. In July with humidity hovering at 90% and temps just as high, it's a little too much for me to bear. (I've been threatening to slice the wires in the hope that they will actually take them down, but I'm too chicken to actually follow through with it).

The great thing about all this attention to the hurricane is that I haven't been paying much attention to my cycle. I'm already on day 22. Wow. To think that I'm so close to knowing is making me giddy. But to be honest, I don't feel like it happened this month. It's as if we've been trying for so long that I just don't believe it's going to happen. ever.

M. and I are seriously thinking about relocating to a different part of the country (and not just because of the hurricanes, although admittedly that may have spurred us into seriously considering it). But most firms require that you work for a full year before you are given paid maternity leave. I've already put my time in at my current job, so our hope was to have a child while we were still here as I have three months paid leave off. But, I'm not sure that it will ever happen, so who knows. We toyed around yesterday, since it was storming out, looking at cost of living indexes, average temperatures and housing prices. We listed out all the "musts" and the "preferrable" things that a place has to have for us to consider it. And we're sort of stuck, as I'm sure this place doesn't exist. (I may post our lists in another post this afternoon and ask for your help in finding our utopia).


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