Thursday, September 16, 2004


I've decided that the problem with taking clomid unmonitored (i.e., pick up your prescription and call us in three months if you're not pregnant), is the frustration of not knowing if and when you're ovulating. The area around my ovaries are TENDER and aching. Sort of a I ate way too much at Thanksgiving and am trying to stealthily unbutton my pants hoping no one notices fullness. And every once in a while there's this stabbing pain in my lower back. Hmm. I wonder if that means it's "working". My first month on clomid (days 5-9, 50 mg.), I ovulated, but not until like day 18. Next cycle, (maybe around day 17, taken days 2-6). Today's only day 11. Of course, I did start taking it on Day 1 this time, but geez louise... I didn't expect it to hurt like this.

Thankfully this time, I had no hotflashes or nightsweats with it, but the last two days I've been an emotional wreck. Bleh.


At 1:47 PM, Blogger Toni said...

I can't remember - can you do OPK with Clomid? Maybe you could take one of those and see if you are? Hope this is the one!!

At 8:12 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Hey Sugarblossom, I know you probably don't need my opinion but I'd think about getting away from whatever doc has got you on clomid unmonitored. I'm not trying to crap on your doctor at all, he or she may be absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable, talented.... It's just that I question any physician who would put a woman on clomid and then not monitor her at all, simply b/c of my own experience with that.

When hubby and I first thought we might be having trouble conceiving, I started with my then OB/GYN and he did just what you said--gave me a prescription for clomid and told me to come back if it didn't work in 3 or 4 months. As you pointed out though--therein lies the problem that, without true doctor-type monitoring, you don't know if and/or when you're ovulating, i.e., is the med even working? (OPKs are good but my RE's office stated that most of the over-the-counter ones aren't as accurate as they could be.) But also adding another spin to being on clomid without monitoring is the fact that clomid is believed to lose its efficacy within 6 cycles of using it. It's my understanding that the odds for success decrease with each cycle beyond that.

In my case, I left my OB/GYN and sought out an RE, who would have liked to have tried for up to 6 clomid/IUI cycles but I could only do 2 because the OB had had me do 4 unmonitored. After that, the RE had us move on to a more expensive round of treatment (injectibles/IUI).

Sure, there are plenty of folks out there who'll tell you that their doc had them on clomid for longer than 6 cycles--9 months, a year, and so on. But really, most research shows that 6 cycles is optimal for success on clomid. I'd hate to see you decrease your odds for success with it (like I did) by not being monitored while on it.

Not that you asked but that's my two cents' worth. I really hope you get to feeling more like yourself soon--once the evil clomid leaves your system! Be good to yourself until then.

At 12:36 AM, Blogger Janet said...

Please forgive me for sticking my nose in your bidness, but I too am concerned about you after reading this post. It always shocks me a little when I see docs handing out scripts with no monitoring. I think that it is very important to monitor your particular reaction to the drug. Clomid can cause women to over stim, and produce a lot of cysts that could be causing the pain and tenderness. I know for me, by the 3rd cycle I had a pretty hefty cyst that needed a cycle of no stims to go away.
The other thing that can happen is that your lining can be compromised...the clomid can cause a decrease, which from talking to alot of gals, seems to be pretty common, especially with continued use.
I am also curious as to why the doc would change around your starting dates for the clomid if he isn't monitoring you and gauging your reaction to the drug. I have never heard of starting clomid on day 1...the earliest I have heard of it being started is day 3. Did he give you a valid reason for this?
Again, not wanting to hurt you, cause you any distress, or any unneeded worrying, but I truly feel that unmonitored use of clomid can cause more harm than good, and it can end up hindering your chances of a successful pregnancy. Honestly, I would find yourself a more responsible want someone who is going to take care of you and your reproductive capabilities, not brushing you off by handing you a possibly harmful rx and seeing what happens.
I am thinking about you and hoping that all this is moot and that this cycle ends up being a successful one..
Best wishes and lots of warm fuzzy thoughts coming your way!


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