Friday, October 01, 2004

Up close and personal

Seeing Sen. John Kerry last night, up close and personal, was definitely the highlight of my week. M. and I went to the post-debate Kerry rally, and we ended up with crappy seats - in the nosebleed section. Then, immediately before John Cougar Mellencamp started his little concert, they moved us down to the floor, maybe twenty feet from where he was standing. It was pretty cool. Some guy standing directly to my right screamed out "I love you" to him, and Sen. Kerry shouted back, "I love you, too". It was a lot of fun, save for the 400 pound woman who stomped on my toe, causing my entire toenail to become black.

But overall, it left me slightly uplifted about his chances in this election, and if nothing else, I'd like to get the name of his dentist, because I've never seen teeth that white.


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