Monday, November 29, 2004


It had snowed close to eight inches in KC when we got in on Wed. Everything was beautiful and white... and the trees sparkled like they were adorned with diamonds. It was absolutely breathtaking. Then it got gross and sludgy, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it - aside from getting pelted with a very wet snowball. Oh, and heavy drinking and icy steep driveways are not v. fun. Trust me. They do make dealing with in laws more tolerable though. There was barbecue, real corn-fed steaks and Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat a go-go. I think I gained probably a good five or so pounds.

We strolled through the parks, where roses were still blooming through the snow, holding hands, and spent most of the day looking at neighborhoods. Big stately tudors with leaded glass windows. Two and three stories weathered homes adorned with Christmas lights. I want to move here. People were out walking their dogs, and pushing strollers, and it was so - pleasant. I actually wasn't sad about not having a baby, but was sort of inspired - look - this is what we could have. A house like this, a dog like this, a family like this. My heart was just swimming with love for him the entire time.

We went to a Kansas State basketball game in Manhattan, and then drove back and had dinner and drinks in Lawrence. I watched the cattle in the fields as we were driving, and just enjoyed being together.

We had a few minor riffs with his mom while we were there, but nothing too dramatic. If she wasn't there, he would be much more apt to move there. But, I'm working on him.

Last night when we got home, I must have watched about 5 episodes of Soap. Why aren't sitcoms now funny like that? I have our tree mostly up, and the cats thoroughly enjoyed the giant piles of newspaper to jump in (that the ornaments were cushioned with).

Then I got to work, and realized that today is CD 27. Wow. I honestly hope this month, that I'm not pregnant (fat chance that I am considering we basically missed out on ovulation week) because as much wine and beer and drinks that I had, the kid would be pickled.


At 7:48 PM, Blogger Toni said... sound so great...glad to see that you're feeling better.

I love the first makes everything so pure. I'm sure you don't see a lot of it down in FL!!


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