Thursday, November 11, 2004

Timing the Fertile Period of the Bitch

The R.E.'s office called today with my blood work from last cycle (of course, this info is pretty moot considering that I'm now on Day 9 of a new cycle. I suppose I wouldn't have had the results at all if I hadn't called.

So they actually returned my call today, and told me the results were "normal." Oh sure, that conclusion may work for normal people, but not me. I ask for the numbers, and she was like "um, I don't know - they're just normal." Um. No. That is not an acceptable answer. So when she actually goes to get the chart, I'm trying to figure out if I can write on the windshield - while driving - with lipstick perhas? - to get the numbers. And no, I didn't have the opportunity to write them down, but I *think* she said the TSH is down to a 1.9 from the 3.5. But the progesterone was the kicker. 20.3 on an unmedicated cycle. (doing little non-pregnant but at least I am ovulating dance). The highest the level I've had before in the past was on clomid at 9.8. I still don't understand the super short cycle with a level that "good" other than perhaps I ovulated early?

Who knows? I just know that I'm incredibly happy that something is looking up. Next stop... repeat S/A for M. He is *so* thrilled. bwhahahahahahaha.

[Oh, and the title is in homage to the first website that popped up when I went to google the prog. results this afternoon. Somewhere, some poor dog is out there being analyzed for fertility. I feel her pain. My doctor has a hard enough time figuring out when I'm in "heat."]


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Dee said...

Great # on the progesterone! I've never been that high on either an non-medicated or medicated cycle. I'd comment on the TSH but I don't know enough about that one; FSH yes, TSH no.

I think you're completely normal in asking the nurse for the specific results--it's the least they could give you! Though I imagine it would have been nice to have them while you were in that cycle, not after the fact.

Glad to hear that you're ovulating on your own though--keep up the good "work!"


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