Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mounting frustration

It's been a frustrating week. Work is just horrid this week, well, the lack of work rather is driving me mad. We're really slow right now, and unfortunately I know it's going to pick up like nobody's business in a few days, but god it makes the days go by slowly.

I have been calling my doctor's office since last Thurs. to get an appt. for an annual and a check up to see where to go to from here. I've been leaving messages ad infinitum and thus far have gotten absolutely no response. I realize Mon. was Columbus Day (o.k. I just realized that) and that they were closed, but damn it - I want someone to pay attention to me!!!! Gah.

M. was offered a job, finally - after much nail biting and tenseness - on Friday, which is incredibly welcome news. It's a small firm, but it looks like he's going to be working with some really great people, and will be getting great experience. His commute will be half of what mine is, but unfortunately so will his pay. I say unfortunate, because to tell the truth - I couldn't give a rat's ass how much he makes. Being happy is far better than being rich in my book. And while the salary isn't shameful by any stretch of the imagination, it's certainly less than he's worth. But they are making other concessions to him... including a car and cell phone allowance, bonus structure, etc. so maybe it will all work out o.k. for him. More than anything I just want him to be happy. I miss seeing his smile.

But when I saw how happy he was, a little part of me lit up inside. I feel like I'm getting my "boy" back. After all his stress and frustration of looking for work, day in and day out, it's over now... it all worked out. Maybe not the way that we had planned, but nonetheless. I just hope that other things in life pan out as well.


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