Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Now blow the candles out my dear...

and make your wish come true.

A very happy birthday to you.

O.k. I'm not as cute as my dear little cousin Breanne when I sing it, but damn it - I'm not three years old, and not a blonde.

M. turns 41 today (as our dear friend Jo-Jo would say, he's quite the "genius" what with nabbing a wife almost 16 years younger than him who brings in a six figure salary on her own). But I have to say that in dealing with what life's thrown our way in the last three years together*, I'm the genius. I found someone to share my life with that's hilariously funny, that "gets me", who is tall (6'4") and handsome (hey - I think grey hairs are very sexy), well-read and cultured, and he understands the vital importance of good photograhs, beer, and coffee.

I'm looking forward to spending many many more birthdays celebrating you.

M., I am aware you "know" about this site - and *gasp* even it's address, but I seriously doubt you'll read this. But nonetheless, in the off chance that you do, I want you to know, that I hope this birthday and the coming year brings you much happiness, health and wealth. I hope tonight, when you blow out your candles (what - you really thought you weren't getting a cake?? o.k. you're right - you're not. You're getting a pie) that your every wish is granted.

You amaze me. I love you.

*Please understand that in no way whatsoever, am I saying that our paltry little problems measure up in any way to the current devastation in Thailand/Indonesia, etc. Please, I know a million people must have told you this already - but please... donate to a reputable charity. No amount is too small, and each penny/half-pence/farthing/etc. can be put to use. Please, give from your hearts.


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