Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh the tangled web we weave, when first we decide to deceive.

There are a number of things that I will let people do to me. You can hurt me in thousands of ways unimaginable, but when you start screwing with my family - when you start hurting the ones I love - you're in for a world of hell (all within the confines of the law of course).

I am quick to forgive those that have hurt me. Perhaps more so than they deserve. I have forgiven things that others have deemed simply unforgivable. I absolutely will not, however, forgive someone who maliciously and purposefully seeks to hurt those that I hold close to my heart. When this happens, any hope of forgiveness is replaced with vengeance. Raw, primal absolute vengeance.

Our paths have inadvertently crossed - much to my chagrin, and I know you read here often, so I'm giving you fair warning. You may appear to be a sheep to others, but I know who you truly are. And so will the proper law enforcement authorities, and so will the courts via the lovely defamation complaint that is currently being filed. The problem with telling lies, my dear, is that they come back to haunt you. The problem with making false allegations under oath is that you have committed a crime. I hope your pockets are as deep as your lies are false.

I would advise you to seek competent legal representation. You're going to need it, because I will exhaust all available legal options to ensure that the tangled web encloses you.

You have seriously fucked up this time.